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Can I use Discovery Dollars on any resort, tour, hotel or cruise?

You can use your Discovery Dollars on a specific selection of worldwide resorts, tours, hotels and cruises offered through the Rewards program, although not all resorts, hotels, cruises or tours are available. There are regular updates made to the site including additional resort, hotel, cruise and tour inventory and prices. Please logon to the site to see the extensive selections available or call 1300 830 786 (AU) or 0800 420 389 (NZ)

Can I pay for the whole amount using my Discovery Dollars?

No. You may utilize you’re available Discovery Dollars only up to the 'Max Savings" displayed on the site.

How do the Discovery Dollars work?

Discovery Dollars may be used for part payment towards hotel/resort stays, tours, cruises and packages, as displayed on the website.

What is the value of Discovery Dollars?

Discovery Dollars is equivalent to a real dollar.

How long do I have to use my Discovery Dollars?

As the Discover365 program enables members to earn and redeem travel savings through various ways expiry dates may differ. The expiry date of Discovery Dollars will be displayed within your account online upon login. To use your Discovery Dollars, you must book your resort, hotel, tour or cruise prior to the expiry, however you can travel any time after this date subject to availability.

Can I use my Discovery Dollars on additional travel products?

No. Although we can give you competitive pricing on flights, car hire and other travel related products, your Discovery Dollars are only available to use on the specified selection of resorts, hotels, tours and cruises.

Can I use all my Discovery Dollars together, to take my children or friends on holiday with me?

Yes. You can book multiple resort or hotel rooms, tours or cruise cabins utilizing your Discovery Dollars up to the maximum savings displayed against each deal.

Does the website have "live" pricing?

The Rewards website is updated on a regular basis and should be used as a guideline for the Rewards offers available. Call your consultant for more details on 1300 830 786 (AU) or 0800 420 389 (NZ)

How do I book a hotel?

You may book hotels online. However, bookings made through our call center with a travel consultant will incur an administration fee.

How do I book my travel online?

You may book hotels online. Cruise, tours and other travel you will need to call and speak with a cruise/travel consultant. Simply phone us on 1300 830 786 (AU) or 0800 420 389 (NZ)

Can someone else use my Discovery Dollars?

Yes. Your Discovery Dollars are fully transferable to family and friends travelling with you.

If I see a resort, hotel, tour or cruise advertised with another company, can I use my Discovery Dollars towards that price they have advertised?

Possibly, however we cannot guarantee this. The Program is based on a select range of travel and lifestyle products.

How do I earn extra Discovery Dollars?

You may earn extra Discovery Dollars through activities with Discover365 Partners, purchasing selected products and being an active member of the Discover365 community. For more information on where and how you can earn visit the Earn Discovery Dollars page.

Discover 365 GOLD Members also earn on:

Account top-ups

Account top-ups

GOLD members can buy additional Discovery Dollars at a rate of 2 x $1AUD.

Selected purchases

Selected purchases

Earn up to $200 Discovery Dollars with selected purchases.

Member updates

Member updates

GOLD members earn when updating their member profile and details.

Travel preferences

Travel preferences.

GOLD members earn when choosing travel & lifestyle preferences.